Vital Beat comfort and protection

Vital Beat comfort and protection

Getting a lifesaving device implanted has a really big impact on your life. Though it is meant to keep you healthy and well, it does come with a cost.

Pain, discomfort, constant worrying and countless restrictions in your life regarding sports, vacation and leisure activities.

Vital Beat comfort and protection helps you and your loved ones make the most of life again

Enjoy life like before with Vital Beat

         – Be protected during your favourite sports and activities

         – Comfortably use your seatbelt, backpack and safety harness

         – Enjoy your leisure time and hobbies without worries

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Be safe, comfortable and free to do what you want with Vital Beat

Vital Beat offers you a unique solution for all the problems you might experience when getting your medical device. We hope to help you get back out there and feel protected and comfortable using our product in your daily life, while being active and while playing sports.

Enjoy life with Vital Beat protection and comfort

  • Driving with your seatbelt on
  • Playing your favourite sport
  • Hiking with a backpack
  • Playing with your dog
  • Being active with friends and family
  • Riding your bike or motorcycle

Vital Beat comfort and protection uses D3OⓇ technology

For our pacemaker, ICD, S-ICD and other solutions Vital Beat uses revolutionary impact protection materials developed by D3OⓇ.

Find out more about the materials we use to give you the best comfort and protection at the ‘How It Works‘ page. Here you will also find more information about how we developed our product.

EU orders are shipped with DPD for €12,95, orders outside of the EU are shipped with FedEx for €19,95

Vital Beat offers options for pockets on both the left- and right hand side of the shirt

Every person’s situation is different. Contact us to see what special solutions we can create for you

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