Vital Beat comfort and protection for ICD

Vital Beat comfort and protection for ICD

Vital Beat helps you and your loved ones make the most of life again

Vital Beat’s ICD protection and comfort solution is specifically designed to help you feel safe and confident. You will no longer experience feelings of anxiety and physical discomfort.

  • Be protected during your favourite sports and activities
  • Comfortably use your seatbelt, backpack and safety harness
  • Enjoy your leisure time and hobbies without worries

“Being on the lean side I also have the additional sports shield, which is excellent. The cutout to relieve pressure on my device really works”

– Phil

“Fabulous concept and design. It covers the area and is comfortable to wear while working”

– Ronnie

I would highly recommend this product to anyone. I also showed this to my cardiologist and he thought it was a good product as well” 

– Leif

ICD protection and comfort for sports, work, hobbies, holidays and in daily life

Vital Beat’s unique ICD protection and comfort solution consists of a specially made Shield which fits perfectly into our custom Vital Beat Shirts. These shirts can be worn as they are, or as an under layer underneath your everyday- and sports clothing. In addition we offer the Vital Beat Sport Shield to be used by people with a higher risk of getting hit in their implant area.


For men

For women

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The Shield

The Shield is made of D3O® material, which is flexible and comfortable in a state of rest but acts as a shock absorber in case of sudden impact. This makes the material perfect for wearing comfortably during the day while being able to offer protection when needed.

The Shield should be stored at room temperature, in a ventilated dry place, out of direct sunlight. Do not store under heavy objects, or in extreme temperatures.

Clean the Shield by wiping it down with a damp cloth. Never use cleaners or detergents, nor put the Shield in the washing machine, this may result in irreparable damage and will reduce the effectiveness of your Shield. After washing, allow to dry in a ventilated space at room temperature. Do not use hair dryers or other heaters to dry the Shield.

Easy to remove shield for regular cleaning and washing


The Sport Shield

The Sport Shield feels soft and is flexible. Combined with the standard Shield it will offer you optimal comfort and protection. Both shields will fit in the pocket of your shirt simultaneously.

The sport Shield has two functions, it can serve as an extra layer of protection for active device carriers and people with a higher risk of getting hit in their implant area.

Or it can be used as an extra barrier between your skin and the standard Shield for improved comfort. This can be done by cutting a hole in the Sport Shield where your device is located. In this case the Sport Shield will act as a support for the standard Shield. This will not only relieve the pressure on the device itself but also help protect the thin layer of skin that goes over your device. This option is most suited for device carriers of whom the device lies very close under the surface of the skin.

Customise your sport shield to relieve pressure on your device

Want to know more? Click the button and find out more details about how our shields work and what they’re made of!

The Shirt

The Vital Beat shield, and sport shield, are placed into the pocket on the Vital Beat shirt. Each shirt has a specially shaped pocket along the left- or right-hand side of the shirt to secure the protective Shield against your body. Our shirts are made of a high quality fabrics that breathe easily and is ultra-thin. Because of this you can wear the ICD Shirt very comfortably underneath your normal everyday clothing.

The ICD Shield can be easily removed from the ICD Shirt, this enables you to wash the shirt regularly. 

Pacemaker Position

Vital Beat offers its protection for both lefthand and righthand sided device carriers. On the product page you will be able to choose the position of your device


Separate shirts for men and women are available here.

Note: You must use the shirts in combination with our Shield(s). The shirt alone does NOT offer any protection.